About Us

Torres Law Firm, PA.

As a team, the Torres Law Firm strives to open paths to opportunities for clients!


At Torres Law Firm (TLF) our vision is to help open paths to opportunities for all foreign nationals who wish to make the United States their home. It is our hope that those that want to avail themselves of the opportunities that the United States has to offer can flourish and ultimately leave a legacy that would benefit their future generations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide highly professional and competent legal services with dedication and the highest ethical standards for our clients. To this end, we devote ourselves to understanding our clients’ needs and zealously providing them compassionate and customized services to attain their immigration goals.

In pursuit of this mission, we abide by the following values:

EXCELLENCE. We endeavor to consistently provide outstanding legal services and client care to all individuals and businesses needing immigration services throughout the United States.

SERVICE. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectation of service and to keep our clients informed throughout their immigration process.

EDUCATION. We are constantly learning to increase our legal knowledge and improve our skills with the goal of providing outstanding legal services for our clients.

COMMUNITY. We communicate our legal expertise with the local community to promote the education of immigration laws and to help individuals understand their immigration options.

GIVING. We share the belief that giving back to the community and to individuals in need is paramount to maintaining the integrity of our business.

Cary Torres

Cary S. Torres, Esq

With her deep expertise and experience in immigration law, Cary Torres specializes in creating opportunities for families, growing businesses and skilled professionals. Cary’s passion for building relationships and creating opportunities for her clients led her to develop her immigration law practice. Cary helps family members petition for spouses, parents, and fiancés. She advises clients on all immigration related matters, including advising clients on consular processes and immigration waivers (pardons). Further, she enables U.S. and foreign-owned companies to recruit and retain talented personnel who lack U.S. work permits. She worked extensively with foreign professionals seeking employment in the U.S., including international postgraduate students and professionals in engineering, computer science, and the life and physical sciences. Cary brings over 24 years of legal experience to her clients. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in business at the University of Florida before attending law school at Mercer University in Georgia. Prior to establishing her own firm, she worked for two of the oldest and most reputable law firms in Gainesville. As an associate at these firms, she worked in business law, contract law, civil litigation and criminal defense before starting her own practice in immigration law. Her expertise in trial practice, business and contract law continues to inform her work with all of her immigration cases, including family and business petitions and deportation defense. Cary was born and raised in Miami, Florida and is fluent in Spanish. Her parents immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba in the early sixties as a result of communism being established in Cuba. Her parents received political asylum in the U.S. Cary is married to David Torres and together they have three children.